All the rock here is Precambrian

Can you use carbon dating of dinosaur bones in texas

Molten rock intruded into theHowever terrestrial radioactivity

Molten rock intruded into the Cambrian strata, and new zircon crystals somehow formed quickly at that time. However, terrestrial radioactivity is concentrated, with the vast majority of it occurring in the continental crust. Allowances must be made for overturned strata, etc.

In order to collect the point, creationists must show that polystrate fossils exist where they shouldn't be. The strata associated with polystrate fossils invariably show evidence of relatively rapid deposition. The Cambrian has simply been around a lot longer than the Cretaceous, and the radioactive uranium in its zircon crystals has had more time to decay into lead.

Thus, even the tailor-made assumptions, to which a few desperate creationists might be inclined, come to naught. Their uranium has not yet decayed. Studies done on the European continent soon demonstrated the universal validity of index fossils.

If the decay rate only started dropping at the time of the flood, then it s should have done a job on those Precambrian zircons. The potassium-argon, rubidium-strontium, samarium-neodymium, luteium-hafnium, rhenium-osmium, thorium-lead, and the two uranium-lead dating methods all point to the same amazing fact.

This means that carbon ages of specimens from past millennia and even from only centuries ago need to be adjusted downward. Jonathan Sarfati builds upon Dr.