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The deck extends to the stern and a tail very different from the classic. The deck atop the superstructure includes what could be a skylight and a conning tower with periscope.

The hull is spindle-shaped but shown with rounded ends in some drawings. Four large searchlight lanterns are mounted on the forward hull, two facing forward, two down. In addition to the look of the hull that results from the construction technique, and subtle differences in shape, Wilhelm has made some interesting changes. Fred's model in both squeezed and stretched versions is available at Shapeways.

Not strictly following the text, the sub is roughly cigar-shaped with the hull top considerably flattened to form a deck. The launch is also recessed and stowed upside-down. Interestingly, the submarine looks like a motorboat when making its attack passes. Some differences, the large rudder for example, alaska's brother dating gigi were practical considerations for a working boat. There appears to be a large oblong side window as well.

The tail isn't visible in the images I have, so I've left it off my illustration here. You can view the German version of the animated film on YouTube. My graphic is based on Wayne's enhanced drawings of the model stretched as it would appear projected in Cinemascope. Perhaps the oddest concept was an enclosed fireplace at the aft end of salon with a brass N on its glass door. The result is a much more diverse collection.

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The net cutter rig atop the bow sports three Goffian raker teeth with a mirrored hook on the lower bow. It has a non-elevated deck with a hidden launch. The hull has a spindle-shaped swelling on each side of the deck.

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This permits entry from the Nautilus. The same Nautilus appears in slightly different jacket art for a Purnell edition, published about the same time. The lower hull has large cylindrical structure, perhaps a ballast tank, below the side flare on either side.

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The side fairing ends just aft of the salon windows, which features six frame struts instead of Goff's three. There is a diving hatch in the keel near the stern very like Goff's. The keel and some of the lines show a more subtle influence.