Mitchie and Caitlyn reconcile

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However, Brown is angry, and tells Connie that he thinks that the competition is a trap in order for Axel to get back at him. Backstage, Mitchie and Shane reconcile, and agree to meet next summer.

Caitlyn warns Mitchie

Nate returns it after the bonfire and the two instantly feel a connection. Although things are tough at first, Mitchie and the rest of the counselors settle into their roles, and become determined to save the camp. Shane accidentally hears someone singing on the first day and falls in love with the voice, but does not know the identity of the singer. In return, Mitchie must help her mother out in the kitchen. Brown punishes Caitlyn by having her work in the kitchen and Mitchie, who is worried that Caitlyn will learn her secret, does not help her out.

Caitlyn warns Mitchie that becoming one of Tess's background girls will not be as she expects. Shane, doubtful that his record label and his fans would accept the song, begins to fall for Mitchie. Final Jam arrives and everyone is ready for performances. When Mitchie overhears Shane's new song, she compliments him. As the song ends, Dana Turner's bracelet flies from her hand and hits Nate Gray in the eye.

During the song, Mitchie and Caitlyn realize they can perform and run to the stage. When Mitchie accidentally enters the kitchen while Caitlyn is working, Caitlyn learns about Mitchie's secret. The entire Camp sing We Rock.

Mitchie and Caitlyn reconcile. Shane thinks that Mitchie deceived him just to use him and Mitchie is forced out of Tess's group. Very few campers switch, including Tess Tyler, but many counselors move to Camp Star. Brown, the owner of the camp, breaks the fight up and Tess frames Caitlyn for the incident. Along the way, she and her mother Connie notice that a new camp, Camp Star, has opened across the lake.

Shane doubtful that his record