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There have been repeated calls for action across industries that span from entertainment to politics. The constituent meeting after the election will no longer be opened by the oldest member of parliament, which would probably have been a year-old AfD candidate from Lower Saxony. The committees see below play a prominent role in this process. Felser thinks this turns women off. With members voting for legalising same-sex marriage, four members abstained leaving against votes.

They argue that this would enable the right-wing populists to portray themselves as victims and thus appeal to their base. The other parties are then compensated by getting additional seats as well, the balance seats, so proportionality is preserved. Four years ago, the party failed to clear the five-percent threshold required to enter Germany's federal parliament, the Bundestag.

Test Cases in the German States Both strategies were tested in state parliaments. She voted against same-sex marriage, she told the media, explaining she believed the German constitutional definition of marriage required a man and a woman. The Parliament itself is to determine this sole place of work.

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Similar approaches were taken in the eastern states of Saxony and Thuringia when the AfD entered those parliaments. All European citizens who are entitled to vote should have an equal voice. In the future, each European party should nominate a candidate for the presidency of the Commission before the European elections.

This is intended to set the standard for future European elections. The bill was passed on the last day before the parliament's summer break. The established parties are engaging in similar maneuvers in other state parliaments.

In debates, only one member spoke on behalf of all the parliamentary groups. But AfD politician Peter Felser believes this imbalance of genders in the AfD has nothing to do with the party's conservative, family-oriented image. But it was a test case for the kinds of decisions the other parties will have to make for dealing with the right-wing populists in the future. The AfD has by far the least number of women in its ranks among all parties.

The offices are furnished and the internet works, he points out. In fact, he says, he is perfectly happy that his party occupies its own office wing. Of course, representatives of other parties have not been very accepting, says Keith.

But for the other parties, allowing the AfD to appoint a vice-president of the state parliament would have been going too far. But now more and more members of the state parliaments believe that such strategies ultimately benefit the right-wing populists. It states that each parliamentary group must be given at least one seat in each committee. The Left Party and the Greens were opposed to using such procedural tricks.

Understandably, the opposition parties are active in exercising the parliamentary right to scrutinize government actions. In the general election, voters place two crosses on their ballot - one for a district representative and one for a party. As a result, the AfD can now appoint only one representative to each committee instead of the two members to which it was originally entitled, based on its overall number of seats.