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You pay for the shot, not for the time, so no need to rush. People are always wondering if they are allowed to bring a girl to their room in Jakarta. These areas also have huge malls nearby and they are not too far from the airport with the toll road.

People are always wondering if they

To avoid any issues, you can choose the slightly more expensive chain Fave Hotels. Kemang is too far in my opinion but it could be an option if you want to be close from the best Western food options. Although prostitution is banned in Vietnam, it has not been eliminated completely. It is next to Gambir train station from where you can go to Yogyakarta or Bandung. Outside Jakarta, there have been a few cases of over-zealous mayors raiding hotels to hunt unmarried couples sleeping together.

The Saigon Botanical Gardens. Some prostitutes just walk or stand, waiting for guys on motorcycles. Mangga Besar hotels are all girl-friendly and they are close from hundreds of great street food options.

That was interesting to see as well. There is another reclining chair here. They may even try to play some practical joke on you. Before going to Binh Tay Market, I had read about it from Eating Asia that, there was a wet market in the morning behind the market.

Check for apartments in Jakarta. Once you arrive at the shop the process is simple enough. But you have to face very cruel eyes of Vietnamese men.