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She will need her ears checked and cleaned once a week. She is very playful and fairly active. Her ears are long and she has a sausage shaped but muscular body. So many applications to adopt Rami have poured in that the shelter is no longer accepting applications. She is an occasional barker and will alert you to an intruder.

The pit bull- dachshund mix's look brings him attention at a local shelter, where his picture goes viral. Because of her shape and size she may need help getting in and out of the bath. They are courageous still but gentle.

It should not be fed in one sitting though, give it to her in two or three meals spread throughout the day. She is intelligent but can be stubborn. We will do everything possible to place Rami in a very deserving home, so we ask that you be patient with us as every application will be carefully reviewed. They like to cuddle when not trying to get his own way. Every couple of days should be enough though you can do it daily if she enjoys it.

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During the s he also started to be bred to be a companion not just a hunter, particularly in England. Rami the pitbull-dachshund goes viral as potential owners line up to adopt the rare mix. Health Concerns Advertisement Potential health issues she could develop are from her parents. Annual costs come in non-medical and medical form.

Because of her shape and size