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But while thelook and basic gameplaywill befamiliar, we sawplenty of new stuff when we sat down with the game recently. If youenjoy watching your friends get stuck, On Thin Ice lets you bomb out patches of ground, while Totally Warped lets you teleport around the room. Bomber Man, Bomberman Portable.

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There's a new plot, for starters, with Bomberman hopping between different planets to fight an interstellar villain named Bagular. Best of all, the game includes the Battle Pack Mode, the classic multiplayer Bomberman experience that gamers know and love. These upgrades make it a remake, not a port of the classic loved game Bomberman Nes. The game disappointed me at first, but then I keep playing and oh my, the commitments soundtrack I was getting fun! Still the multiplayer mode is a nice addition to the solid single-player game.

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Of course, a Bomberman just isn't a Bomberman without solid multiplayer modes. Unfortunately, it is hampered somewhat by the ease of gameplay, the overwhelming number of items that simplifies the title, and a mysterious amount of lag and load times during multiplayer play. The inevitable conclusion, a showdown with the final boss, should sensibly have been the one part of the game to slip into classic Bomberman battle mode.

Bomberman Land just blows. There are standard bombing deathmatches, if that's your thing, but if you're feeling lucky, you can up the ante with maximum bomb distance in Power Trip. It sounds intrusive, but the new system actually felt useful, and we like the idea of being able to max out Bomberman's abilities to create gigantic bomb blasts or walk through walls.

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Log in to finish rating Bomberman Land Portable. Well, there was no character movement at all. Instead, it's just another retread of one of the less interesting minigames.

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An ominous black shadow is creeping towards Bomberman's planet, and sudden attacks by a mysterious robot army have brain-washed the inhabitants of surrounding planets, causing mass chaos. Bomberman can now utilize a new item storage system that lets him use collected power-ups at any time to make the most of any situation that comes his way. The series introduces a bevy of mini-games, where most can be played in multiplayer mode.

The procedure is more tedious than fun, and the payoff is a handful of minigames that are genuinely fun and addicting, but far too many that aren't. The game has to thank its result mostly by adding the superb original Bomberman. In fact, a character in the game even tells you that while you may not like all the mini-games, you have to play them all to get through the game.

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Shows a certain amount of promise with the new stockpile system and the game sharing feature for multiplayer. The trouble is, there are better versions of Bomberman around, so unless you really want to play the mini-games, you're better off sticking with those. If you're a fan of traditional Bomberman and you want a shinier, portable version of the experience, this is a pretty solid game to pick up. Once again, can't understand the critics.

Because it happened to me. Bomberman must embark on a new adventure through the galaxy to restore peace and order. The game's levels are new as well, and a lot of them feature hiding places, conveyor belts and other flourishes. This game is sure fun and I really recommend it to anybody. The storymode is a nice challenge to play.

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Imagine all that buildup with not even an explosion to be seen. Bomberman Land is an average title. No online but the game does have upgraded graphics, a classic mode, and a new mode to play.

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Log in to finish rating Bomberman. Yeah, just the beginning of the game. These upgrades make it a remake, not a port of the No online but the game does have upgraded graphics, a classic mode, and a new mode to play. There is not anything new in the latest incarnation of Bomberman, but it does not really matter much.