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As a sidenote, I really need to figure out why there are so many manga and anime dedicated to Alice in Wonderland. As the Bentenmaru leaves the liner, it is pursued by three mysterious warships. Later on, she runs away from an arranged marriage with the help of Marika's crew and Lynn, who is revealed to be her lover. After boarding the Begin The Beguine, Kanata is cornered by his pursuers, but at that moment, the Bentenmaru begins the raid on the liner. The newest story occurs during a turbulent time when something odd appears to be happening in the hyperspace routes.

At first she does not like her sister being too close to Marika as she is a pirate, but later she understand why her sister adores Marika and subsequently comes out of her own shell as well. She is also able to predict the wind currents in atmospheric flying and read the constellations for navigation. When the Bentenmaru's crew is hospitalized, she temporarily takes Kane's place as the ship's helmsman. Understanding the meaning of this phrase, Kanata loudly demands that the pirates take him hostage rather than threaten the passengers. Following the first half of the series, she graduates and passes her position to Lynn.

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Danger is on all sides for interstellar travelers. Despite being a princess, she is always seen hanging out with Marika, much to Grunhilde's concern, and helps Marika whenever she is in trouble. It's a story about a world where piracy is basically a theatrical act and people like the crew of the Bentenmaru are paid to put on a show.

In the midst of this comes a strange boy whose rescue is a part of Marika's latest job. Edit The film was first announced after the final episode of the anime had aired. Her expertise on old fashion engines was a great help when Marika and the Yacht Club used the Bentenmaru for a pirate job. Gruier hires the Bentenmaru to help her find the Golden Ghost Ship, a first-generation colony transport ship whose descendants became the firsts settlers of Serenity. However, Marika manages to defuse the situation between the two sisters and repair their relationship.

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