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He constantly annoys Gene whenever he tells a joke by saying the punchline before him. He keeps cymbals in his backpack.

She handles the accounting for the restaurant, though her bookkeeping methods are sometimes troublesome and overly complicated. She is desperately lonely and once fell in love with Bob because, Linda explains, she always wants what Linda has. Long-winded at times, Teddy frequently tells needlessly detailed stories about mundane situations that usually bore the listener. He also has worked as a pedicab driver.

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He is the father of Jimmy Pesto, Jr. He is the subject of one of Tina Belcher's youthful crushes. Also to calm him down, they would have to sing a song tributing to Felix, revealing that he is a narcissist. Felix is the cause of Calvin's poked out eye.

She also appears in Bod to beach. Although the kitchen scene is still the main closing sequence the show uses, beginning in season two the producers began to use different elements from the show in the credits. She is generally soft-spoken and reserved, often in contrast to her more strident siblings. They shoot each other disapproving looks. He has a fetish for the sound of popping balloons.

He was attractive enough to be cast as a lifeguard in a s exploitation movie The Deepening, filmed at Wonder Wharf. Despite his condition, he loves to have fun and often joins Louise in her mischievous escapades. She acts tough with people she arrests.

Unless you guys don't think so. He has held various odd-jobs in his appearances. She has tendency to spontaneously burst into song, a trait she shares with her voice actor John Roberts.

He is the son of Robert Belcher, Sr. He and Pam hid their divorce for the sake of their talk show, but have an antagonistic relationship behind the scenes.

In contrast to stereotypes of criminals, he has an amiable demeanor. She is also Wagstaff's head cheerleader and has a problem with passing gas, caused by laughing too hard, by someone lifting her up wrong, or because of nerves. He is close friends with Zeke, has a noticeable speech impediment, and loves dancing. This is a problem, as the town the Belchers live in has an annual lobster festival which Bob hates because it takes away from his business.

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