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If you ever have the misfortune of seeing it, it's bound to be one of the worst you've seen as well. What better way to get into the spirit of Halloween than reviewing a movie that's so bad, it's scary? The aliens which look like shell-less turtles are scared off by a passerby, and forget to retrieve their contraption which is, as you might have guessed, a laser gun. Where does he get these unbreakable toys?

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If it's so important that they keep the weapon from humans, why did they leave it on earth twice? Comienzas odiandola pensando que ser otra boba pelcula comida europea de humor idiota.

Strong visuals and soundtrack. Pero poco a poco va mejorando. We all thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it was way better than the Justice League animation Lego film. Anyway, after so many scenes that a dull, poorly acted, and sloppily put together, the aliens eventually travel back to earth and vaporize Billy with zero effort. Laserblast is an absolute disaster of a movie.

The storyline for this picture is actually very well delivered and written. This raises a big question. Later on, the aliens receive a message from their supreme commander I guess that they must retrieve the weapon from earth before it can cause more harm. Not that that matters because it's instantaneously forgotten. It is a painful mess of bad acting, poor production, horrendous visual effects, non-sequitur plotting, staggeringly unlikable characters, I could go on and on.

The script was on par with The Lego Movie. And the movie immediately ends.

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You would think if they were going to be spotted by the previously mentioned passerby they could have hid somewhere and retrieved the weapon once everything was clear. He hires the Joker to help him out and bring down Gotham. Laserblast is a movie that is poorly put-together with a plot travels absolutely nowhere by the time it's finished.

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Laserblast might very well have the worst denouement of any movie I've ever seen. He then shows them a video of a previous scene in the movie of Billy finding the laser gun. The only way I could sit through this movie is through the Mystery Science Theater version. The aliens then head back to earth, brent's dating blogspot and while they make the trip a plethora of seemingly unlinked scenes take place.

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Batman and Robin may need the help of the Justice League to stop Luthor. No es genial pero si para pasar el rato.

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