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Fitting into the place where you live is called adapting. He learnt classification of plants, and assisted with work on the collections of the University Museum, one of the largest museums in Europe at the time. His uncle Jos pointed out an area of ground where cinders had disappeared under loam and suggested that this might have been the work of earthworms.

This had been done generation after generation, until our modern breeds were produced. In December, Darwin received a letter from Wallace asking if the book would examine human origins. He took great pleasure in the large garden, and had it planted out with ornamental trees and shrubs as well as having particular success in growing fruit-trees. High in the Andes he saw seashells, and several fossil trees that had grown on a sand beach. He examined this topic in his writings, contrasting it with the advantages of crossing amongst many organisms.

He learnt classification of plants

This is usually called The Origin of Species. He learned taxidermy from John Edmonstone, a freed black slave who told him exciting tales of the South American rainforest. He thought the reason was that a struggle for existence or resources limited their numbers.

Fitting into the place where

Darwin's writings are consequently of interest to an extremely large number and wide variety of readers. Yet even without his evolutionary works, Darwin's accomplishments would be difficult to match. He began to wonder how so many new species came to be on these islands. Controversy erupted, and it continued to sell well despite contemptuous dismissal by scientists.