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When you face such a moment, you always think it could happen to any one of us. We've not seen any plans to properly take care of the displaced people and the government is not admitting that there are refugees outside the country. It stopped in front of an ambulance. We were waiting when we saw an Iraqi Humvee coming down the hill from a liberated district carrying wounded people. She looked like she had not eaten or drunk for a long time.

Once she was back in her newspaper, still crying, she started to pick out the pictures she would like to develop, but was scared to do so. The year old knew it was time to flee his homeland. Nkongho himself was detained for eight months last year at the Kondengui prison in Yaounde and his trial was adjourned six times before a military tribunal acquitted him last August.

Her fearful eyes were red with fatigue and she was so exhausted she could not stand or sit. Reuters had a team there and civilians arrived in small groups. Zohra Bensemra photographs Iraqi security forces battling against Islamic State militants. Sanjeeda Bagam came from Pakistan with her son, who was pushing her wheelchair. Still, the country is pressing on towards an election on Sunday, as incumbent President Paul Biya seeks a seventh term in office.

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It has failed and it's just a political scheme to show that President Biya cares. They had made checks, but all of them were full.