Let's do a cost-benefit analysis

Being stood up online dating

This made me very angry because

On the other hand, I feel like she treated me badly, and I don't want to reward that. This made me very angry because we had been talking for so long I had thought we were something of friends at this point. The day of our first date arrived but Cathy never did. She accidentally fell asleep.

This is what I wish Cathy had done. Cathy did show for the next date and it was a nice date. Let me tell you about a date I once had. On the one hand, she's hot, and I still want to meet her.

After pleading with me not to go, I stuck around. Honestly, even though I had been stood up the previous date, I had a nice time and could even see myself going on more dates with her. If you agree to meet up with this girl one more time, you, at the very least, waste two hours on drinking free expensive cocktails. However, the next night I ended up meeting the woman I would marry. And I get where you're coming from.

The Dating Nerd is a shadowy figure whose whereabouts and identifying details remain unknown. Maybe she's fantastic, and you caught her on a bad day. We walked around and then had a coffee together. And, usually, in this column and elsewhere, I advise dudes to take disrespect seriously.

On the other hand

After all, consider your own dating history. The conversation was awkward and argumentative, and there was no chemistry at all. If you want to drop off the face of the earth at this point, fine. After writing that post, I decided I wanted to talk specifically about some of my dates in detail.