But robust enough to use regularly

Backdating porsche 993 gt2

Sure there will

It's no purist recreation, just Lio's ideal Which we have been doing. The best thing is all this happens at sensible speeds, rather than the three-figure ones that all-too easily appear on the speedos of modern Porsches without even a prickle sweat on your palm. Second time around and en route to current look Nerd alert A bit of geekery though.

But whatever your stance on originality there's no denying it looks absolutely gorgeous and people respond to it with genuine excitement. Sure, there will have been some fairly big bills along the way.

But robust enough to use regularly. Engines must be pre-qualified prior to bearing replacement.

And at a cruise along the motorway it's reasonably quiet, refined and liveable. All other bearing replacements are just imitations.

One I'll duck for now by telling the story behind this car. But if we're going to get all purist about it that car has much more provenance and originality than what you see here. Enough, the emphasis being on longevity and toughness than all-out power with Mikey suggesting something north of hp. Warranty requires registration and compliance with program requirements.

Only to get a text from a mate who'd seen the post suggesting I might want to avoid the local for the rest of the weekend. Lio and Mikey exchange looks and shrug. It pulls hard in fourth and fifth too but the car's sweet spot is on a twisting A- or B-road slotting between third and fourth and leaning on that booming torque delivery rather than revving it out.

But whatever your stance

Typically coupled with clutch and other maintenance. An inspection on his chosen car revealed hidden horrors just as Josh passed on a tip that Lio's original was coming back onto the market.