Elsa, her mother, and Anna

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Julie, Alia and Luce in Studio Danse. Ronstadt herself received one from Johnny Cash early in her career, when she was still primarily a country singer. All thousands of these toys, sold out in just four minutes.

When she is called, she yanks it off, revealing her gorgeous auburn hair. Nate is fiery, Ellen is smart, and Marty is dumb. The bonus for that is they don't actually need the rights to a film, as long as they don't let any of the films sounds get on the actual podcast. He completes the ensemble when he turns Erica, who is a brunette. Of course, he ends up falling for the African American Tiana.

The Sanderson Sisters in Hocus Pocus

The fourth vulture, Buzzie, doesn't have any hair to speak of, and doesn't count. The three go-go dancing stewardesses on Tony Stark's private jet in Iron Man. All of the songs featured on the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, the most notable of the bunch being Blue Swede's Hooked on a Feeling. In Shannon Hale's Books of Bayern series, Isi is the blonde, Enna is the brunette actually, her hair is jet black and Dasha is the redhead. Fire Emblem Heroes has done this to virtually every older game in the entire franchise.

Allow us to elaborate on the effect. The Big O was originally a failure in Japan. Forcible, Coraline and Ms. Jubal mentions many times that this is exactly the way he wants it.

Part of the reason he keeps appearing in so many video games and dramas is because his appearances in such media often results in a boost in ratings, viewership, and sales in the shows he appears. The Sanderson Sisters in Hocus Pocus. The Avengers wound up doing this for all of its characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with their own movie franchises. When de-powered, she has raven hair. There is a trio of female singers with blond, red and brown hair.

Part of the reason

In an effort to differentiate themselves, two of them dye their hair red and brunette while one stays blonde. There's also Queen Undina of Coralia, who has long dark tresses similar to Dale's. In Heartbreakers, Sigourney Weaver Max and Jennifer Love Hewitt Paige each switch between all three for each of the different people their characters impersonate. Interestingly, Gilmer is introduced wearing a blonde wig she's an aspiring model on her way to an agency.

Whether Thomas was truthful is debatable, and Sonja has long outlasted her counterparts regardless. Her mutant form has red hair.

However, Lonette is the more dull one, Holli is sassy and Jessica was the smart one. Anything that gets featured on Equestria Daily tends to get a pretty pronounced boost in popularity.

In the Original, there was only the blonde and two brunettes. Tristan, Prince Vladimir, and Armida, are respectively blond, black, and red-haired. Edith, Margo, and Agnes although she has black hair and a red headband from Despicable Me.

While it was fairly popular at the time, it was gaining steam due to the marketing for its upcoming open-world update, Plains of Eidolon, causing people to revisit the game. The pic can be found here. Kelly, Heather and Bridget in The Final.