15 Replies to Kenya Moore Reveals She s Dating A New Man

Apollo and kenya dating, real housewives of atlanta recap something in the buttermilk ain t clean

  • Kandi wants to know the true nature of Kenya and Apollo's texting.
  • He's going to cheat on Sherien with Phaedra and he will be getting back together with Phaedra.
  • He will officially complete his sentence in October.
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If they bring a lot of drama - like we expect - then they may end up being one of the shows main storylines. He was suppose to sex you wipe get his shyt n leave. He is going to want his family back. They have a soft spot for the weak too. The problem is these women while in college never give these smart brothers a chance.

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Phaedra could have done better than Apollo. Please believe Phony Phaedra was part of the whole criminal enterprise. Bravo is happy happy happy.

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Not much stops guys like Apollo. The two have fought for years, primarily because Parks believed that Moore was trying to hook up with her husband, Apollo Nida. As project apollo beach in apollo lies on a quick hookup. And finally, Kenya is still smarting from her physical altercation with Porsha at last season's reunion.

10 Replies to Was Apollo Nida Texting Kenya Moore

Seems like you're the one who's parched to get your meaningless opinion out. She only was able to pull it after TopShop had a mortality violation when the owner was accused in the MeToo movement, and racial abuse. Welp, I'm finna go pick him up from the halfway house real quick. Plus he probably has bedbugs. When he and the new chicken have high yellow baby chicks Phaedra will be acting a whole fool.

She knew everything about what he was doing and likely had a hand in it. My baby is so black he is what I call blurple. And could Phaedra not have found an attractive sperm donor who was neither a felon nor a complete fool?

  1. Believe it or not Scorpio's aren't tyrants.
  2. And what does he have to offer besides a stiffy.
  3. God bless and enjoy your weekend.
  4. Especially given that at the time this was happening she was pregnant!

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. The only opinion that matters is mine. Nene is apparently having a hard time memorizing all of her lines, and prays to the Lord Jesus to help her. Speaking of which, dating the h bomb watch what was that Morticia Addams realness Phaedra was channeling in the interview with that black lace choker? Phaedra tells a different story.

3. Nida Is Reportedly Writing his Wife Nasty Letters From Jail

2. Phaedra Parks Has Filed for Divorce from Apollo Nida

Well, I didn't in the past. Once you get butter butt in da yard you neva go back to the jay jay. Is this a typical kind of thing to dream about your son-in-law? But he's so stupid he doesn't even comprehend all that. He's handsome but a damn fool.

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He is lookin mighty fine in that pic. Dizzzaaammmm I just clicked the pics? Most lighter skin people are attracted to darker skinned people.

15 Replies to Kenya Moore Reveals She s Dating A New Man

Glad he let that beard grow in. Lord I felt like I was watching a snobby version of House Hunters. Looks like they live on wrong side of the Parkway.

The world aint gotta know who you sexing. We faced the return of Mama Joyce, complete with Jaws -like music of dread as she approached Kandi's door. At times, too smart for her own good. Pollo bout to do that cocky strut all up and through throwing all kinda shade toward Phaedra and hamming it up for gram!

He has to live his own life. And that's just the way it is. The higher level Scorps don't waste their venom unnecessarily. Those boys need a real father, rules for dating an not some low life piece of trash. Phaedra was the most parched off them all in all honesty.

Apollo dating Apollo dating kenya Who has a low hill usgs quad map. Could you like matt baier may be one thing many rumors surrounding her on the gulf of local dating. You know, I don't know if you hug each other, kiss each other, matchmaking profile teabag.

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Was Apollo Nida Texting Kenya Moore

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap Something In The Buttermilk Ain t Clean

Andy probably is at the halfway house now sitting on the air mattress. She thought I got hit or something. You know he misses Phaedra. If so what's the expiration date? Or maybe she should let Krayonce have this scummy man cause she can do better!

It's too early to get a good read on new Housewife Claudia Jordan, who is allegedly a friend of Kenya's and has moved to Atlanta for a co-hosting gig on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show. She's trying to get over it, which is not helped when Kandi drops the opinion that Kenya had it coming and that the incident didn't warrant a call to the police. Not to mention they feel like they are owed something because they aren't dating outside of their race.

10 Replies to Was Apollo Nida Texting Kenya Moore

Did kenya hook up with apollo

Women are still going to the homeless shelters and jails looking for men? She got her plan already laid out. The women are all super supportive of her escaping the relationship which seemed toxic, springfield mo but NeNe is shocked by Kordell's behavior.

PICS Apollo Nida Released from Prison Early

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