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Dating Antique Clocks

We have no idea what to do with it. Came from a grand old Southern Mansion. It is now in my posession. The face, dating works and case all have this name.

The land included a clock factory and was conveniently located near Eli Terry's new shop where was the non-compete agreement? Some case features - - - Early clock trunk doors fit flush inside the door opening, from onwards the door was given a larger edge and covered the hole sides by fitting against the case front. It does not look like anyone has worked on this movement Andy. Is there any way to find out if they are worth repairing?

She is unburdening herself of all her collections and accumulations. From the pictures, hopefully you can see the identifying features. It is quite beautiful and is painted in toned down colors. At least it looks fairly old. The approximate age and value?

From longcase clocks ceased being made in London, the clockmakers followed the demands of fashion, and made bracket, or shelf clocks. Help dating a Gilbert movement. Which I am guessing is gear tooth count And the only other helpful dating tip is the plastic that is separating on the clock face. Does anyone know more about it? My clock was given to me by my mother.

Made in Germany, Hall Craft Corp. It was made in Thomaston, Connecticut. French Brass Case Carriage Clock c. My family was cleaning out the attic and found this beautiful old clock.

How to Date Your Grandfather Clock

Antique Clock Price Guide

Antique Clock Price Guide
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This was purchased as is from an Antique store. One of the first things you will discover as you start to research the value of an antique clock is that the same clock will actually have different amounts of value. Antique German mantle clock, or not? Cast brass capitals were fitted to the columns on the hood, and on the trunk if fitted, from onwards on the more expensive clocks. Many Seth Thomas clocks from to have a date code stamped in ink on the case back or bottom.

General Facts Helpful to Know When Dating Antique Clocks

The late ones to have a wide flat strip of iron instead of the wire rod, and the same four inch brass-faced bob. On the back it says Eclipse made by E. It has a wire coil that the hammer strikes. As a result, the town of Wolcott profited to some extent from the Thomas enterprise, the short time it was located in Wolcott. There is no writing on the face of the clock or on the back.

Antiques Board

Antiques Board

She moved to Snohomish, Washington in from St. This clock was handed down from my ancestors, but I have no idea as to its value if any. It was in my mother's basement wrapped up for how long, I have no idea. Anyone information would be appreciated.

A Popular American Mantel Clock
  1. Ansonia clock in excellent condition.
  2. Welch clock that appears to be a mantle clock.
  3. Very typical of the late dials, except for the center seconds and use of minute numbers.
  4. She use to wind it up to hear the chimes.

Seth had a natural ability for carpentry and he probably obtained his knowledge and interest in mill property and manufacturing from this. There are almost no provincial marquetry cases. Somebody asked me to sell it. It's a Self Winding Clock Co. So this may have been made after the merger between the companies.

Another late dial, from the end of the Grandfather clock production days. The two companies competed with similar products over the years they remained separate. It didn't work, so I had the movement repaired at a clockmakers shop.

We are also unable to repair or replace any items returned to us for the time being. This clock came from the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago and was inherited by us. Fortunately the painted dials then followed a certain progression as the fashions slowly changed over time, this means that we can usually date a clock to the nearest five to ten years. If you're thinking about selling your clock, do not go to an antique clock dealer or a pawn shop for an appraisal. Is it common or does it have value?

Waterbury Clock Identification

Vintage and Antique Clocks

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Clock works appears to be of nearly all brass type metal. It has the label on the back with the word, Timon. Telechron Digitel Anolog clock that looks digital.

Dating Antique Clocks Labels and Trademarks

On the back, molded into the porcelin is the words, St Geo. It still runs now that I put a new plug on it. There is a red light bulb that lights up the fireplace. Clocks Shared by Other Visitors Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page.

Identification & Dating

It is a great looking piece, app but I have no idea about it or who made it. Nothing other than that I bought it at a flea market in North Carolina. Hopefully someone can help me. The finish is in new condition to me.

Black slate Ansonia clock - help me? The frame is wood, though I don't know what kind. Made like a book which opens up front and back Maybe a desk clock. These styles are well documented in clock books as to the years they were made. It still works although I have been trying to adjust how slow or fast it runs.

He made his first clock in his family's house. Do you have a pic of the front plate. Hopefully anybody here can help me out. Unfortunately the clock mechanism is not working. Another late feature on Southern dials was a plain, hotshotgg un-matted engraved and silvered dial centre - C.

  • Its a heavy black marble mantle clock with symbols of freemasonry I think.
  • Again, any info on a maker, age, etc.
  • Easier to see than describe, but unmistakable once you have seen it.

The maker was United Clock Corp. It has an eight day chime and three winding holes. At least I assume they are dutch since there are windmills, etc. From to the wire rod stayed, but the bob became flattened into a saucer shape, around four inches in diameter, online dating growth often with a brass case.

How to Identify Which Time Period a Mantel Clock Was Made

All I know is that the movement is heavy. In June General Time announced that it was closing its entire operation. Gilded engine turned convex dial and brass bezel surround.

There is a very worn paper taped to the back identifying it as a Waterbury Clock. Dial centres were matted till C. They phased out movement manufacturing and began importing many movements from Germany. My mother had it, not sure when she bought it. There's a sailboat on the glass on the front.

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