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While working on an Android application that I developed, I felt a strong need to implement validations on the client side i. Multiple screen resolution got introduced facilitating the availability of Android devices flaunting different screen sizes. Keyboard, spell-checker, voice input, etc. So if a user is making a request with a bad input, s he will still have to wait unnecessarily.

The on-premises mailbox data is synchronized in the same datacenter region where that Office tenant is setup. For more about where Office data is located, visit the Where is my data? Why validate data on the client-side?

The events should tell you if Exchange was able to refresh the metadata. Data traffic monitor introduced to help track data usage and set warnings and limits to it. With bountiful animations, the gallery received a delightful update. Intune is required to manage mobile devices. Ability to resize widgets.

It will then hold on to the token and re-use it for authentication requests from other apps, for as long as the configured token lifetime allows. Also, there may be a device in front of Exchange requiring pre-authentication to access the ActiveSync endpoint. Connectivity to the Microsoft Cloud requires Internet connectivity.

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However, it did not have any high-calorie code attached to it and was not truly interactive. The tokens are stored within the broker app.

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Features related to social network introduced. Your company will have to ensure that the return traffic associated with these connections goes through the ExpressRoute circuit avoiding asymmetric routing. So all of them have a Required annotation on them.

Google Drive became a default app Numerous other performance and appearance improvements. Including several bug fixes, it synthesized the tablet platform Honeycomb with the mobile platform but the sci-fi look was toned down.

For Android devices, xzs online dating the Intune Company Portal app is leveraged. Android gaming became more immersive and visually captivating. The debut of Android at Work.

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