In the end, we need to find God

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These days, we have been enticed by many material things. Later he started to not picking up the phone. Our parent didn't want any girlfriend to be distracting me.

Those are the force to do bad things. While mom in Germany, everything financially was taken care by my brother. And he brought in a doctor and the doctor gave me an injection of some kind.

Some of them came from another class from Kantabood. Whenever I run into people and they said they like my lakorns, I am very happy. Just work, and live and want to do what we like doing. If we forgive, we need to consider him the same way.

Everybody reading this probably understands the whole concept. Everybody has different weaknesses. The concept of it is like the world is going to explode.

Everybody reading this

That's because we had the chance to sit down and talk to one of the most famous and secretive lead actors in the business. The stain got bigger and more concentrated. She can speak, German and English and Thai. God said go back to love each other. Yes, I have while I was on a bus and she was in a car.

Later, she called and said she called because a friend of her was interested in me but she was extremely shy. It was like I was going to die there. Regardless of what we wear, how we talk, but if we think badly, there's no point.

The stain on a white shirt represents the sin we each committed. She needs to listen to me first. The appearance is not so important to me.

Everybody has different

You are still a lead actor. In the Bible, it says everything under the sky, the sun, the moon, the trees and even the sacred images that were created with our own hands, God created them. We might imagine what kind, specs, God will give us better than that for sure.