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Tomar duwar aaji khule gechhe sonar mondire. Aaji baangladesher hriday hote kakhon aaponi Tumi ei aporup rupe baahir hole janoni. Bipulo Taranga Re - Srikanto Acharya. Kon Shubhokhone Oodibe Noyone. Sung by the verified singers of this website.

Click to post your feedback at Geetabitan forum. Ogo maa, tomay dekhe dekhe aankhi naa phire.

Nau Meri - Hariharan And Madhushree. Bande Mataram with John Abraham.

Aamra bera bhaangi, Aamra ashokboner raanga neshay raangi, wwe superstar ringtone Jhanjharo bandhono chhinno kore dei - aamra bidyut. This page contains lyric of Tagore song amra nuton joubaneri dut and its transliteration in English with background history.

Collection of Rabindra Sangeet Sung by the talented and upcoming singers published in this site. Is this website helpful to you? Teri Seemayen - Shreya Ghoshal. Get detail information about the song i.

Lyric in Bengali

Dui Haate Kaaler Mondira Je. Each song is loaded with complete information of musical composition i. Get complete information of musical composition, notation, background history for all the songs listed below. Tomay Amay Milon Hobe Bole.

Lyric in Bengali

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Natun Jouboner Doot Bengali Band Mp3 Song Free Download

Daan haate tor khargo jwale, bnaa haat kare shankaharon, Dui nayone sneher hnaasi, lalaatnetro aagunbaron. Singers album Sung by selected Rabindra Sangeet singers. Aamra kori bhul - Agaadh jale jhnaap diye jujhiye paai kul.

Rabindra Sangeet Collections. Prangane Mor Shirish Shakhay. All the lyrics, notations, background history with detail musical compositions, English translation and many more.

Shukno Pata Ke Je Chharay. List of Rabindra Sangeet starts with A. Amare Tumi Ashesh Karechho. Chandrima Chandrima Instrumental.

Kotha se tor doridro besh, kotha se tor molin haasi - Aakashe aaj chhoriye gelo oi charoner deeptiraashi. This page contains lyric of Tagore song aji bangladesher hridoy and its transliteration in English with background history. MediaFire Link MediaFire link.

Tagore songs start with A - Complete information of all the songs. Teri Seemayen-Shreya Ghoshal. Tomar mukto kesher punjo meghe lukay ashani, Tomar aanchal jhale aakashtale, roudrabasoni. Ogo maa, tomay dekhe dekhe aankhi naa phire!

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Aamra nutan jauboneri dut Aamra chanchal aamra adbhut. Nutan Joubaner Doot - Isheeta Ganguly free download rabindra album. Visit the following links. Aaj Dhaner Khete Roudra Chhaya. Swapane Dohey Chhinu Ki Mohey.

Ayre neche ja Chandrima chandrima Fatafati dance ami Mon bojhe na Chandrima chandrima instrumental. List of available Staff Notation and Midi. Dhire Bandhu Go Dhire Dhire. Ogo maa, tomar ki muroti aaji dekhi re! Nau Meri-Hariharan And Madhushree.

Modhyodiner Bijon Batayane. Nearly unique Tagore songs. Detail information about Rabindra Sangeet.

Fileserve Rapidshare Filesonic Hotfile Thnks to surosangeet. This page also contains the musical composition of song like parjaay, taal, raag and ango. Theme by BloggerThemes Supported by Photoshop resources. Download and print options are also available for notation, lyric and staff notation. Bhalobeshe Sakhi Nribhito Jotone.

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Musical events organized by this website on the occasion of Pachishe Boishakh. We have also provided the pdf's of lyric, notation and staff notation with midi with downloadable links so that people may find it easier to get the song and notations in printed format. Tumi Asbey Bole by Somlata. Aaji dukher raate sukher srote bhaasao dharoni - Tomar abhay baaje hriday maajhe hriday haroni.

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