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With this question, Angela becomes slightly tongue-tied that her crush is paying attention to her, and stammers to answer. It almost plays like a lighter version of a Tales from the Crypt episode. We welcome feedback so let us know how you got on. Naturally, Phil is intimidated and she chases him around the room, first pleading to be kissed, and soon demanding.

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Phil turns and sees his latest creation, her face obscured by her long hair. Peter and Cynthia then attempt to follow the steps, but are forced to make a few changes. Some funny moments come after Peter and Cynthia find him, and his face is frozen in a look of shock. Lloyd holds this expression even when Peter attempts to drag him up some stairs. Naturally, Angela just sulks and the couple nearby continue to make out.

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He right the bottle, but then knocks over one with some blue liquid, which also spills on the magazines. Users who added this tv show to favorites. Peter quickly breaks free, but hits his head on a nearby overhang, and collapses next to his bed. The truth is, Sid is a real person.

She keeps pleading in a raspy voice for a kiss, but Phil refuses, and rushes for the bathroom again. To learn more about how to save video files to your computer, you can read this help topic. The girl in the magazine comes towards him, asking to be kissed.

When he eventually gets to class, he tries a couple more pick-up lines, only to accidentally spill a pink concoction on some magazines on the floor. Both pound on the door and demand to be let in.