Byron starts seeing Meredith again

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He finds out that she committed suicide at Radley. He graduated from Robert E. Brady was a productive citizen, worked at the Christie Clinic, and was a valued community member.

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When she discovers that Caleb originally tried to get close to her while working for Jenna, she dumps him, feeling betrayed. Acquaintances of Spencer Hastings The following characters are all family members and acquaintances of Spencer Hastings, one of the protagonists of the series. Her mom then arrives home allowing him the moment he needs to sneak away.

Ian dated Melissa prior to Alison's death, although he was secretly having an affair with Alison, he also flirted and tried to get with Spencer, who had a crush on him. She clarified her real identity and he revealed Spencer and everything to her. Survivors include his parents, Mr. Carlo Marks who plays Ian in the pilot episode. Beverly dedicated her life to her Lord and Savior and spent her time providing for and serving others.

He asked Aria to keep his affair with a student, Meredith, a secret after Aria witnessed them kissing. Purdy was here with loved ones and friends. She saw Spencer carrying a shovel and then found Bethany's body.