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This time, Woolie is apparently a furry drug dealer. And then realizes he also said Irish wrong. Pat admits this is the reason regenerating health is a thing.

The result is the slowest death to a howitzer in gaming history. Whatever game you feel like turning on, we've got it here. Woolie's insistence that they go to Ico Beach. Woolie tries to persuade Pat not to cross the bridge leading to Malus and thus avoid Agro's apparent death. Matt soon discovers he can only kill it by throwing canisters, but the game keeps automatically locking onto random clowns instead.

The result is the slowest

Matt tries to snipe another goon. After painstakingly clearing the street, Matt and Pat get the worst Hope Spot.

Whatever game you feel like

And also go and dig up Jack's mom's body to fuck her. Hildy is gunned down from behind, while Jack just watches, and it's played as a tragedy. One of the deaths during this part has the camera spin around to Jack clutching his chest with both hands for no good reason.

That's not a load bearing bathroom. Like last episode the guys points out the bombs location are ridiculous as it could only kill someone who decides to hide in a specific corner. We cut back as Matt finishes the mini-game with a tenth of a second left. That's what I get for showing you mah balls.

He misses it by about two inches much to Woolie and Matt's dismay. After Pat's fourth or fifth failed attempt at the jumpstab, Woolie notes that, with each bad try, actually landing it successfully becomes less and less cool. Pat solemnly declares him to be the dumbest motherfucker in the world. On the way out of the parlor, the duo runs into a swarm of barely-clothed masseuse assassins.