Who am I to discount his history

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Every Sittning has a motto and

But if you can, participate as much as you can in it, those memories are priceless. Also at the Sittnings non-alcoholic drinks are offered.

They can be mixed with dances or songs, but in any case they should be funny and ridiculous. One of my thyme plants rather threadbare like many are after this winter's onslaught. Sittnings are something special in the Swedish student life. Almost at every Sittning you will get a patch for your overall. But of course, nobody can and nobody will force you and participating is your free choice.

To accept others as

To accept others as they are not as we want them or expect them to be. Every Sittning has a motto and it is a lot of fun to dress up according to the motto. That is a really good question and I was thinking about how explaining them to you for a long time.

You have benches, which are lined up to a stage. Hopefully I'll see bluebirds this week. Especially if you are not from Sweden the prices will seem really expensive to you. And every year the patches get fancier and fancier. He has an affinity for Gary much I think due to his past.

Who am I to discount his history. Kickoff Sittning - A party with great Spexes and food and drinks, for most of you this will be your first Sittning, use the chance and get into the mood. It's turned a reddish hue from the winter cold.

It is completely managed by students. During the Sittning you will see Spexes of the student associations or from your fellow students during kickoff by every kickoff group and volunteers for student union Sittnings. They're listening for a worm below the surface of the grass. Mostly he keeps Gary company.

It is a mixture of sport and cleverness games. Even so the Kickoff Week is a lot about partying. That's why you get the cheapest drinks there.