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Im currently Au pair and want to get married with my boyfriend. Counselor is here to help you, even if she disagrees woth you. Must be something that either expired or it counts only for some countries. It all depends on you and your girlfriend how to proceed and what will happen next. Sometimes year is enough, but because of my au pair family, I chose not to live with him until we got married and that made big difference.

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This article is very interesting. We applied for green are already. You can not work, but you are in process and you are legal to stay in country. One of my friends is married for a year and still not handling it.

She stays with me all the time but goes to work as normal. Rules for return home and her wanting to quit program is something I am not familiar with. She has been approved for a second year here.

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We were dating for a year before we got married. Getting married is equal as you would do it with American citizen, and afterwards there is paperwork as described in this post.